Marzo 31 Abril 28-VIVE TU SUEÑO -Edgardo Lacera-Calgary AB

Edgardo Lacera

Organizer of VIVE TU SUEÑO

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Based on the book Live Your Dream by John Maxwell. (John Maxwell’s team of coaches, coaches and lecturers have been trained and certified by John Maxwell to help you with your private and professional intentions, teaching you to work with purpose and following a solid plan)
A dream is an image of the future that inspires and stimulates you, strength of will and emotions, enabling you to do everything you can do to achieve it, a genuine dream is the image and action plan of the person’s purpose and potential. In order to achieve your dreams, it is necessary to ask yourself 10 questions:
1. Question of Possession Is your dream really your dream or does it belong to someone else?
2 Question of clarity. A clear dream makes a general idea become a very specific idea through effort, affirmation and determination.
3 Question of Reality. If the dream is unreal, you will depend on factors beyond your control to make it real, adjust your habits to your dream and make sure that the habits correspond to your dream.
4 Question of the Passion. Passion helps overcome adversity, takes us out of the routine to give us initiative, put us in a good position and gives us the best opportunities to succeed.
5 Question of the Way. Developing the path to your dream allows you to reach your potential.
6 Staff question. You must surround yourself with people who inspire you, who are honest with you and whose abilities complement yours.
7 Cost question. Dreaming does not cost anything but the journey itself, you have to pay a price sooner or later and it is almost always higher than planned, it is necessary to pay more than once, and if you are not prepared this can stop you in the advance towards what you want .
8 The question of Tenacity. It is necessary to recognize that giving up has more to do with who you are than with where you are. If you suspend the resources on which your dream depends, achieving it will be impossible.
9. The question of satisfaction. The size of the dream determines the size of the gap that we have to overcome to achieve it. Each step has value in the journey.
10 Question of transcendence. You want to do something that has transcendence for you, for other people and ultimately, with other people.
Sat, 31 Mar 2018, 10:00 AM –
Sat, 28 Apr 2018, 12:30 PM MDT


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391 Aspen Glen Landing SW, 105 Aspen Landing

Calgary, AB

Information :  403-8310366

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