Understanding Dental X-rays A Glimpse Beneath the Surface

Understanding Dental X-rays A Glimpse Beneath the Surface

Understanding Dental X-rays Dental X-rays, often referred to as radiographs, are a mainstay in modern dentistry. They offer a valuable perspective, allowing dentists to view what’s happening beneath the visible oral structures. One of the leaders in utilizing and explaining the significance of dental X-rays is www.creeksidedentistry.ca, a renowned Dental Office in Airdrie.

The Purpose of Dental X-rays

  1. Diagnosis: They help in detecting cavities, especially those developing between teeth.
  2. Evaluation: Dentists can assess the health of roots and the bone surrounding the tooth.
  3. Monitoring: They are pivotal in tracking progress, especially in orthodontic treatments.
  4. Planning: Before procedures like implants, X-rays give a comprehensive view to ensure successful implementation.

Types of Dental X-rays

  1. Bitewing X-rays: Ideal for detecting cavities between teeth.
  2. Panoramic X-rays: They offer a broad view, showcasing teeth, jaws, and surrounding structures.
  3. Periapical X-rays: Focused on capturing a complete view of a particular tooth.
  4. Cephalometric X-rays: Used by orthodontists to view the entire side profile of the head.

Safety and X-rays

Modern dental X-ray procedures are designed with patient safety in mind. The radiation exposure during a dental X-ray is minimal, especially with digital radiography. Regular dental X-rays are considered a safe and invaluable tool in comprehensive dental care.

Creekside Dentistry’s Expertise in Radiography

www.creeksidedentistry.ca is equipped with cutting-edge X-ray technology, ensuring both precision and safety. Their team is adept at interpreting these images, making accurate diagnoses, and crafting individualized treatment plans.


Dental X-rays are more than just pictures; they are windows into the intricate world beneath our gums. With the expertise and advanced technology at Creekside Dentistry, patients are assured that their dental health is assessed holistically, ensuring optimal care from all angles.

Understanding Dental X-rays

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